Esther’s Escape, updates

Many of you may now know that I am all about collaboration, action and fun. Geeking out over the love of process, art, storytelling and people. Since the inception of Esther’s Escape, I have had so many valuable conversations and have been pleasantly surprised with how many people are down to work with me.

This post will be an evolving log that houses the latest updates on Esther’s Escape as a project.

Without further ado…

Esther’s Escape, beginning

This article marks the first Esther post and goes into the story, where Esther began and what she’s all about.

Esther’s Escape, collections (Story-mode vs Side-quests)

Documenting the current Esther collections, the official Dungeon Map Series, the Chronicles collection and the PFP Gift collection.

Auction 1 ended with a shocking result

My first auction ran smoothly; I was planned and ready but didn’t expect the fantastic response I received. Everyone was supportive in bidding, commenting and sharing, and my first auction yielded 31SOL. I was floored and have endless gratitude for everyone who supported me.

Auction planning template

I packaged up my auction template into a Figma sharable file to show my gratitude. Wrote an accompanying article and released it for free so people could leverage it when running their own auctions. This might have been my favourite part of that week; the response was phenomenal.

Esther Plush Toy

Esther was noticed by the founder of Amoeba Friends (a lovely guy), and he showed me the plush toys that he had made. The quality was outstanding, so we collaborated on a prototype that should be ready to share soon.

Esther’s merch store

Once the plush toys are ready, I’ll need an eCommerce store to sell them through. So I opened a store with a small curated selection of products available to make sure I was ready when the time comes.

Currently, the store contains a camper hat, an enamel mug, and a dot grid notebook.

Esther moves

I am currently working with two incredible animators Axiom//Katt and Greg Jackson to explore how Esther and the Dungeon Map move. We are making strides, but there is more to do; will share in this space as we get closer. But the moral of the story, Esther looks adorable when she moves.

And that’s it from me, I’ll keep this list up to date as Esther and I have more updates. Thanks for reading, supporting and sharing my work; it truly means the world.

Esther’s Seven

Seven, seven what???

Next article preview

For the next instalment of the Esther’s Escape blog, I’ll post the accompanying auction planning template article to make it more accessible to all.



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