Esther’s Escape: Collections (Story-mode vs Side-quests)

Esther’s Escape began as a humble set of stairs, 2 staircases to be precise.

  1. A geometric version: Standard stair specs, humble and safe
  2. A rounded version: Unusual stair specs, hazardous to climb but unique

After placing a poll on Twitter, I felt a hint of magic; the reception was resounding. I couldn’t sleep that night; I knew I had stumbled upon something special.

I started creating Esther and a world map plan the next day, officially kicking off Esther’s Escape, Series 1: Dungeon Map.

The first iteration of Esther’s Escape

The Esther’s Escape collections break down into 2 fundamental modes:

  1. Story-mode: The official Esther series, starting with Series 1: Dungeon Map
  2. Side-quests: Chronicles of Esther’s creation, documenting visual decision moments, collaborations and pfps (profile pictures)

Esther’s Escape, Series 1: Dungeon map (Story-mode)

Esther’s Escape, Series 1: Dungeon Map contains 16 unique pieces and is a 1/1 NFT series on the Solana Blockchain.

When all brought together, the 16 pieces form a Dungeon Map. The map breaks down into rooms that play on classic RPG (Role-playing game) elements, bringing Esther’s world to life.

The idea, Esther wakes in a dungeon, puzzled and lost and begins to explore this quirky space.

Esther’s Escape, Series 1: Dungeon Map

In Series 1: Dungeon Map, you’ll find these 16 pieces:

  • 4 Staircases: Leading to distant lands
  • 1 Dungeon: The timeout zone
  • 3 Portals: Fast travel around the dungeon
  • 3 Traps: Obstacles to overcome
  • 1 Boss Door: ???
  • 1 Store: Aquire power-ups
  • 1 Hideout: Esther’s safe place
  • 2 Ropes: Manual travel around the dungeon

This map aims to communicate the entirety of series 1 whilst opening up a sense of wonder.

Something to note

Esther’s Escape is being planned, created and released in real-time, meaning the community heavily influences the direction. I see it as a choose your own adventure style relationship where I, as the creator, engage in healthy discussions to strengthen the series whilst opening a space to learn and enjoy the creative process as a group.

See the latest auction releases on FormFunction

Esthers Escape: Chronicles (Side-quest)

A backstage pass into the workings of Esther’s Escape. This collection represents the creative play and chronicles how Esther’s Escape came to be through visual exploration and visual decision-making moments.

I see this space as an NFT merch store of sorts; these NFTs are 1/1 but do not count towards being a Story-mode Esther’s Escape holder.

An example of an Esther’s Escape Chronicle

See Chronicles on Exchange Art

Esthers Escape: PFP (Side-quest)

A specific collection holding all of the Esther’s Escape 1/1 and edition based PFPs.

All PFPs will be given out as gifts to auction winners and auction bidders over time. These NFTs do not count towards being a Story-mode Esther’s Escape holder.

An example of an Esther’s Escape PFP

See PFPs on Exchange Art

Next article preview

In the next instalment of Esther’s blog, I’ll take some time to get into Esther’s updates, there are a bunch of fun drops and events coming, and it would be fantastic to take a moment to document them in real-time and share the fun.



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